Decadent, Debauched Desires
Firstly allow the words of the title to conjure your own individual and unique images, emotions and connotations; guided with a little assistance from ‘The Reference Dictionary.’

Decadent = Marked by or providing unrestrained gratification;

Debauched = Displaying excessive indulgence in sensual pleasure;

Desire = A craving for something that brings satisfaction;


With that in your mind imagine what it might be like to serve, submit and succumb to the control of two Mistresses? And not just any Mistresses; quite simply, two of the most peerless, revered and gifted Mistresses ever to set foot into a BDSM dungeon; and of course, let us not forget the slight, but oh so standout, twist in the tale that clearly warrants no elaboration!


Due to the personal and individual commitments that Mistress Cindy & Mistress M both maintain, the opportunity for your submission under their strict Domination is equally exclusive as it is undeniably priceless. Only a select few will ever find themselves in the unquestionably and incredibly fortunate position of being considered for, and attaining this truly Decadent, Debauched Desire.


Mistress Cindy & Mistress M have their own exquisite, fully equipped and purpose built BDSM domain, and known simply as Dungeon M. With over 32 square metres of floor space and 10 ft high ceiling, even the tallest sub/slave appears small. The BDSM furniture and equipment is of premium quality with the majority being unique one-off pieces designed, built and installed by the incredible Goliath Dungeon Designs. The amazing atmosphere that Dungeon M possesses has to be sensed & experienced to be believed.


Fetishes & Desires include;

Corporal Punishment
Slave Training
Electro Play
Foot Worship
Nipple Torture
Sensory Deprivation
Cock & Ball Torture (Mistress M's website has further details
Puppy Training
Breath Control
Feminisation (Mistress M's website has further details)
Body Worship
Role Play
Water Sports
Strap-on Training
Arse Stretching & Training
Forced Bi (Mistress M's website has further details)
Kidnap (Mistress M's website has further details)


Only if you are undoubtedly and seriously committed to the realization, and possess the means to acquire it, are you welcome to email for further information and criteria. Although be aware, this information and criteria will only be given to those that provide a detailed account of their BDSM regarded likes & fantasies, as well as their dislikes and a brief summary of reasons depicting why they so want to serve Mistress Cindy & Mistress M.


More amazing pictures coming soon!

"Due to our close friendship we both have an awareness and understanding of just how passionate each of Us is towards the psychological and physical beauty of BDSM. Hopefully those reading this can recall a memory where their endorphins flooded the mind, causing the ceasefire of unrelated obtrusive thoughts , time standing still yet moving ever quicker and your whole world is right there and right now..? That is what we love about BDSM, and it is deeply within us." 
  Mistress M & Mistress Cindy